Weddings - Layne Baker

We offer all the traditional-styled images just like other wedding photographers. HOWEVER, our photographers kick things up a notch by adding Theme-Styled images, lighting and mood which showcase your story. You pick which overall theme matches how you feel about your wedding. We supply your story's emotional imagery.

Themes -->

- Best Friend's Forever Soulmate's for Life. You want your whole wedding to go perfectly because you know how perfect you both are together. Lots of emotional and happy tears are in store for the day.

- Spiritual Romance A Spiritual Bond. This day marks the union of two blessed souls whose love for each other knows no earthly bounds. Radiance, happiness and blessings are the order of the day.

- It's a Party! Fun and Silliness. Everyone's been hanging around with you two for so long, you're already family. It's time to throw a big party and get hitched while sharing a lot of fun and laughter together

All photos were captured by Photography by Layne, LLC