MLSListings - Layne Baker

Additional Services:

Twilight Shots (1-5 shots):

-->When added to a Property Shoot  $45

-->Without a Property Shoot  $75

Land Only Shots:

--> $75

Aerial Photography*:

-->Pool Shot (1 Overhead Shot):

       ---->When added to Property Shoot  $35        

       ---->Without a Property Shoot  $50

-->Standard Overhead shots (1-5 shots)

      ----> $65

-->Extensive Overhead property (i.e. Farm or Ranch Land) Call for Quote

Other Fees:

--Trip Charges ($35/round trip) apply when location is over 50 Miles from Clayton, MO Town Hall

--Additional visits to Property ($50)


I will need the following information to prepare quote:

- Square Footage of Total Finished Living Space (includes a finished basement and/or Attic)

- # of Bedroom, Bathrooms, Kitchens

- # of Additional Areas Library, Study, Sitting Area(s), Sun Room(2), Pool(s), Ball Room, Foyer, Dining Area(s), etc.

- Exterior special areas (Patio, Deck, Exterior Walk-out, Boat House, Dock, Balcony, Stable, Pool House, Business Office, etc.)

- Approximate Acreage

*If property is within a 5 mile radius of an airport call me anyway. I may have a waiver to shoot in this area or can find someone that does.