Business Portrait Pricing - Layne Baker

All sessions are out on location either at your office, home or a public area depending on what your Brand or Story needs. We have a completely mobile studio for inside shots which takes roughly 20 minutes to setup and 15 minutes to tear down. The studio needs about 9 feet of ceiling space, and 4 feet by 10 feet of clear space to produce quality images. We also have lights which will work outside when needed.  

We offer Headshots, Business Portraits, Group Photos, and Marketing Environmentals

We offer both inside and outside images. Final product is a digital download sharpened for Web Viewing. Cropping for social media is available upon request at no additional charge. Color Management for printing is available at an additional cost. 

Headshots - Image Captures from the breast plate up. Shoulders may or may not be visible, top of heads or sides may be cut off depending on the story the image is intended to tell.  

Business Portraits - Image Captures from the thigh-up. May at times include entire body depending on the branding imagery needed.

Group Photos - We are capable of handling group shots ranging from two people to 150 depending on the size of the venue.

Marketing Environmentals - These are photojournalistic images taken of you, your employees and/or clients in their natural setting doing what they would normally do.


--Headshots                        $125 (5-8 proofs with 3 final, post processed images)

                                             Multiple Person Discount 3 or more at same location = $75/person

--Business Portraits           $150 (5-8 proofs with 1 final, post processed image)

--Group Photos (1 Hour)   $175 per Session (1-3 final, post processed images)

                                              Additional Time: $125/half-hour

--Marketing Environmentals (unlimited images):

------>(Mon-Thurs 10am to 4:00 pm)     $150 per Session (up to 2 hours)

                                                                 Additional Time: $125/half-hour