About - Layne Baker

Images capturing real people preserving real memories

Layne Baker brings sixteen years as a photojournalist and special events photographer right to your door. She brings her traveling studio to your venue prepared to give you a no-hassle, fun and enjoyable photo experience. Her eye is trained to capture those tender and emotionally real moments when your guests are interacting with others unaware of the camera's presence.

"Now's your opportunity to get that elusive shot of Uncle Bill who hides behind the potted plant to avoid ancestors knowing what he looked it."

She also welcomes photo bombers and happy camera hams which she captures showing their spirit and joy for all to enjoy. 

Portrait Time

Are you afraid of the camera? Several of Layne's clients came to her after seeing their images taken by her at a special event. It's her job to make you look marvelous and ensure you have an enjoyable time in front of the lens. No one should fear the lens. Everyone has inherent beauty. You only need a photographer that cares enough about you that the lens captures what  your friends already know. 

Layne believes your image should reflect not only your outer beauty, strength or confidence, but also the energy that shines through to the people around you.

You need product images? No problem!

Most Product and Real Estate MLS Images

Expanding from Layne's love of capturing images of historical homes, she is a graduate of Real Estate and Architectural Photography specifically geared towards capturing the interests of web-based home buyers. Her traveling studio contains wide-angle, rectilinear lenses designed specifically to bring out the wealth of a grand room or kitchen.

Layne is also experienced in white, green and black background images for products destined for eBay, etsy and commercial websites, as well as full color photos of signage, winery and wine advertisements. Let your product shine on your websites with commercial photos with the added bonus your Graphic Designers and Web Masters will thank you.

Photography by Layne's Business Model

Times are a'changin'. While family photos on the mantle piece, piano and wall are still a mainstay of American families, the ever present Web is commanding that more and more people have professional digital shots available for their social media concerns. Layne's prices reflect both a traditional photography business model as well as NEW options priced especially for clients wanting photography geared for social media use.

When was the last time you had your Profile image updated? Don't let that mullet hold you back from your next, fabulous opportunity!