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Real Estate Needs

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: We service most areas within the St. Louis Metro/Illinois area including: Chesterfield, St. Charles,O'Fallon, Wentzville, St. Peters, Grafton, Alton, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Belleville. Click on this link to schedule your appointment. The site will request a credit card to book your appointment. REAL ESTATE BOOKINGS

TRADES/INTERIOR DESIGNERS: After pictures should really POP and wow your customers. We offer a simple After photos shoot for up to 2 rooms for $25 as long as the property is within the St. Louis Metro area (both Illinois and Missouri) and St. Charles County. There is a small travel fee with properties which are outside this area. Here's your link to book this type of appointment:

BOOK Your After Photo Session HERE

Marketing/Branding Needs


In today's business world, having a current image of yourself is imperative for your LinkedIn, Website, Facebook, and other social media pages as well as any of your PowerPoint presentations and print media. If you've just changed your hair color or shaved your head, you need to get an updated image. We make this really easy for you. Book your appointment, we show up at your offices with our mobile studio to capture your image quickly and painlessly. We understand your time is money, and we are in and out before your next appointment.

The Ultimate Branding Experience

Does your website reflect who you really are or who you want to portray? Position and lighting help viewers get a visual sense of who you are and what you are about. When you need more than a headshot, this is the ticket to success! We work with you, your Public Relations person, Social Media Specialist,  graphic designers, website professionals, etc. to give you the ultimate branding experience in visual images.

Product Photography

We've taken shots of anything from pens to funeral monuments. You name it, we want to handle it for you. If for some unknown reason that we can't then we can get you hooked up with someone that can. Here's a short list of some of the products we've dealt with in the past 16 years:

Hats, Handbags, Wine, Vineyards, Buffalo Burgers, Steak, Jewelry, eBay items, Etsy crafts, antiques, Wheels, Bed & Breakfasts, Interior Design (especially Christmas themes), guitars, scarves, electronics. landscaping, pavers, cakes, flowers, and ties.

Website Image Needs (Various)

You pay premium dollars for your website, but that is only code and display. If your web designer has to use snap shots , you may be paying them extra to Photoshop those snapshots into some resemblance of a professional shot. Stock photos are popular and can cut your costs, but your web professionals are busy folks too. They aren't going to search through the trillions of online stock photos to find you the "special one" needed to portray your business. They are going to take the first one that works, but so is everyone one else in your business!  Providing professional images will add so much more value to your website, and can reduce your overall costs. Besides, don't you want your conference room and table in those corporate images? Call us today for a quote (314.656.6139)

Corporate/Organizational Special Events

Professional Event Coverage

We love events. We love to cover events. We LOVE to walk around your banquet areas shooting attentive people enjoying your presentations, food, and power messages. We also love to pose you handing out those reward plaques. Sure, an iPhone can capture the same thing. But what are you going to do about all those power chords, and yellow/orange tinted backgrounds? Not to mention the misplaced hair poof that you didn't see when you took that picture? You can pay someone to clean up those photos, or you can have a professional take the shots. Did we mention that we love attending these?

Non-Profit Event Coverage

We love events so much that we are willing to take pro-bono bookings on occasion. If you have a non-profit organization, (and we have the time), give us a holler. We'd love to cover your event. We are also always looking to partner with hair and makeup artists who work with non-profits.

Family Events/Portraiture

Family Event Coverage

We love to cover your family events whether it be for outdoor picnics, indoor reunion dinners, engagement parties, Superbowl or Derby parties (who doesn't want their photo taken in one of those awesome hats?), Rehearsal Dinners (heck we'll even help your Wedding Photographer with the reception photos!), Graduation Parties just to name a few.

Senior Pictures

A right of passage in a young person's life, so we endeavor to make these special and specific to the young adult.

Engagement Announcements

There's nothing like romance in the air! Let us, capture your love and excitement in starting the life journey together. Planning weddings is hard work, but engagements are fun, fun, fun! Did we mention fun?

Maternity Announcements

Thank you Demi Moore for unhiding the baby bump! If you're like most parents, there are tons of pictures of the newborn, but children eventually want to know what their mom looked like when she carried them. Capture that special event for prosperity and your teenager. They will thank you, and you will thank us.

Family or Group Portraiture

If you can get them altogether, we can create a masterpiece for your mantel. At least one that will be prized among your photo albums. Remember time is a gift, and there's no time like the present to capture those growing family moments. You never know when you will all be together again.

Pet Portraiture

Our fur babies capture our hearts, don't they? Let us capture their beautiful hearts for you to enjoy for the years to come.